Put Unity back in Community

Put unity back in Community. Everyone can participate in stopping crime and violence.  It is of the utmost importance that we get the message out to the community. With donations from you or your organization we can accomplish our mission to stop violence and redirect  misguided individuals. For some, crime is a way of life, but we can work to change this. Our team is here to offer  our services to you and everyone that will listen to our message of Unity, change, and empowerment. 

Incarceration Nation By James E. Wolfe Jr.

It’s Time to End Mass Incarceration

Locking up more and more people for longer and longer won’t make us safer.

Do the crime and Do the time!

 The United States contains more wealth and opportunity than any other nation,including China and Russia.  But it also jails more people than any other nation. Over 2.3 million adults are currently in American prisons and jails.  In recent years the incarceration rate has shot up 500 percent over the since the 1960's.  The incarceration rate of black men is seven times that of white men. One in six Latino men will go to prison in their lifetimes. 

Unity by Denise Lasalle

 The academy will offer free blues and gospel lessons to children ages eight through fourteen and anyone else who would be willing to pay for lessons. To see her dream become a reality, The West Tennessee Cultural Heritage Association has already begun raising funds to support her cause. 

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