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Put Unity back into Community


Mission Statement

The "Cultural Heritage Association" is a 

501(C) 3 non-profit organization is one that preserves the culture and history of West Tennessee and beyond, we provide a variety of community-based and educational services that empower uplift and support all people, families, businesses and local authorities. Our vision is to compel “each one to reach one” to make our neighborhoods and communities better and safer, in West Tennessee and throughout America. We value integrity, respect all people, foster independence; and our goal is to strive for excellence and bring 

UNITY Back into the Community.

“Put Unity Back into Community”

Blues Academy

Teaching teens and adults how to sing Gospel and Blues Music


Music has and always will be an important part of our culture. One of the focal points of The West Tennessee Cultural Heritage Association (WTCHA) is to keep music alive. With that being said “The Denise LaSalle Summer Music Camp” that took place June 4th -15th 2018 ,on the campus of Lane College was a huge success!  The camp was an introduction to the opening of “The Denise LaSalle Blues Academy of Performing Arts” scheduled to open in September (tentatively). The academy will be located at 718 North Highland Avenue, Jackson, Tennessee in the old Red Cross building. 

This venture will allow the youth or our community the opportunity to study blues, gospel, jazz, country music and many other forms of art as the academy progresses. With so many young people in jeopardy, we feel that providing this opportunity will be a public service as well; as it benefits the youth and our community. The “Queen of the Blues Denise LaSalle” would have been honored to have her name and successful career associated with this venture, as this was a lifelong dream of Denise’s to open this academy. This historical building will be a place for many visitors to come to explore and enjoy our city and all it has to offer.

We would sincerely appreciate your help in making this project a reality for everyone now and in the future. We are asking for monetary donations as well as instruments and supplies to help get the academy open and to help complete our mission of giving back to our youth and community.


     The Denise LaSalle Blues Academy

The Denise LaSalle Blues Academy

Donate today please!